Get or set global options affecting functions across readtext.

readtext_options(..., reset = FALSE, initialize = FALSE)



options to be set, as key-value pair, same as options. This may be a list of valid key-value pairs, useful for setting a group of options at once (see examples).


logical; if TRUE, reset all readtext options to their default values


logical; if TRUE, reset only the readtext options that are not already defined. Used for setting initial values when some have been defined previously, such as in `.Rprofile`.


When called using a key = value pair (where key can be a label or quoted character name)), the option is set and TRUE is returned invisibly.

When called with no arguments, a named list of the package options is returned.

When called with reset = TRUE as an argument, all arguments are options are reset to their default values, and TRUE is returned invisibly.


Currently available options are:


Default verbosity for messages produced when reading files. See readtext.


# save the current options (opt <- readtext_options())
#> $verbosity #> [1] 1 #>
# set higher verbosity readtext_options(verbosity = 3) # read something in here DATA_DIR <- system.file("extdata/", package = "readtext") readtext(paste0(DATA_DIR, "txt/UDHR/*"))
#> Reading texts from /Users/kbenoit/Dropbox (Personal)/GitHub/quanteda/readtext/inst/extdatatxt/UDHR/*
#> , usigit glob pattern
#> Error in list_files(file, ignore_missing, TRUE, verbosity): File '' does not exist.
# reset to saved options readtext_options(opt)